WOC preparation so far




Two weeks after EOC, the Swiss team was heading to Sweden for another camp. Not every training worked fine, as my toe was still hurting, but overall it was a nice camp. One week later it was getting more serious. Swiss WOC selection races were held near Strömstad. Both I and Chlai did solid orienteering in the first three races and we were optimistic to make it to the WOC team. That was a new feeling for me, since I always had some troubles at WOC selection races the last years.

But there was no happy-ending of the story. Right before the 6th control of the last selection race, I was running down a slope, when I stepped into a hole and heard what I love to watch: The Big Bang. The accident occurred some 3km air-line distance from the finish area. Luckily there was a guy “nearby” who could drive me back, but nevertheless my mood was not at its best at that time.



This is what happed the following days:

1: Going back to Switzerland. In the evening I got the message that I’m selected for WOC middle and long distance, whereas Chlai can run middle, long and sprint. Great news!

2: Visiting our team doctor. He was optimistic that I could make it to WOC, as the ligament rupture occurred at back of the inner left foot. That means: it would have been worse at a different place.

4: First time in the physio. After that, I started with “readyforthebeach”-exercises.

6: Half an hour cycling with an ankle brace.

9: First time on AlterG (anti-gravity-treadmill), starting running at 25% of my body weight. Flyweight!

10: First intense session by bike.

11: Running at 40% on AlterG. Bantamweight!

13: Welterweight on AlterG: 50%.

18: It was getting heavier: 80% Cruiserweight.

19: Traveling to Engadin. 4x5’ jogging with my full bodyweight. No more butterfly-feelings. Heavyweight (Actually I would belong to “Super middleweight” according to WBA/WBC/WBO and IBF weight classes). Back to business.

21: Half an hour easy running both in the morning and the afternoon.

24: Highlight of my bike-career so far: Passo di Stelvio. Nice 6.5h ride.

28: First interval training by foot.

32: 90’ running and going back to lowlands.

35: First time offroad again.

39: Start of WOC Camp.


Conclusion: So far so good. Now comes the crucial part when it’s about to run fast again in rocky Strömstad- terrain. Still three weeks to go. 

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