Summer of 2016


Despite a turbulent preparation, I was ready for the World Champs. My shape was ok and my foot tamed with tape and painkiller. However, the middle distance race went far from perfect. After a solid start, I lost direction and hence a lot of time towards the 4th control. Even worse, I struggled to stay focused on the next controls. The second half of the race was more or less ok, but with that many mistakes, I ended up only in 24th position, more than four minutes behind. How you should have done it was impressively shown by Chlai: The new middle Distance World Champion! Read about it on his webpage.

Fortunately I had a second chance this year where I could show that I can master this terrain better. Two days after the middle distance, I run a decent long distance race, finishing in 17th spot.

Of course I hoped for better results, as I was investing a lot into the preparations. After all, we went six times to Strömstad for training camps. Still I couldn’t get much closer to the very top athletes, a fact, which I have to analyse for sure more closely.

For sure our fans were among the very top. They even showed world class potential at the official fan group photo shooting! 

The usual after-WOC-depression turned out much weaker this year. There wasn’t that much time to relax either, as the next selection races (World Cup, Euromeeting, CISM) were held last weekend, only two weeks after WOC.

In the beautiful Canton of Thurgau I was especially motivated to show a good performance. To keep the motivation high during the race was crucial to succeed. The technical challenges at this year’s long distance championship were not that high like at the pendants in Norway or Finland.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it all the way. Against all odds, terrain and courses exceeded my expectations (what was not very difficult, though). In the absence of the Hubmann brothers, the Kyburz brothers could realize a double victory on Saturday and Sunday. What a great double-double for me and Chlai (just imagine a burger with double cheese and double bacon: yes, that great!).
To win the double-double is no easy task as many top runners already have experienced. Wherefore Mo Farah needed four years (to complete the double-double) we did it in a weekend…

So, life is good at the moment. Sadly the family hierarchy remained untouched…

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