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Training camp in Estonia: A review

Like always, as soon as this year’s World Champs are over, one think already about next year. The goal of the camp was to adapt to Estonian terrain and to have fun, like our coach explained to us. Not that easy, as the program was packed full with trainings and meeting and some forests had more nettles and thorns than the one at home. But we had a good time and quite a lot of fun.

Why that?

 A sauna on the rooftop compensates for a hard day.


25manna: Saying goodbye to Tisaren and Tullinge

Me and Chlai have been running for many years for our first Scandinavian clubs (Chlai for Tisaren, Andy for Tullinge) and 25manna was our last dance with them. That was the reason why we flew to Sweden a fifth time this year and took part in a big club relay called 25manna. Fortunately we could quit with great performances.

We were both enjoying the years together with our club a lot and could count on great support. Thanks a lot to Tisaren and Tullinge! But it was time for some new air. Our next destination will be Tyrving, a Norwegian club located in Oslo.

Why Tyrving?

The amount of „zeros“ (maybe ironical).

To learn Norwegian (quite serious: we do already speak some Swedish and to learn Finnish would exceed our brainpower).

To run in white trousers (dead certain).



World Cup Final: A preview

Season is soon over with the last world cup races coming up at the end of the week. There’s a sprint relay on Friday, a long distance on Saturday and a city sprint on Sunday. All races will take place around the city of Aarau, not far away were we grew up. We are both running all three competitions and are eager to benefit from the home field advantage. Of course it would be cool to see many fans.

Why should you come?

We run the sprint relay in different teams, but on the same leg = be ready for some action (damn right).

Chlai has high chances to win the overall world cup the third time in his career (hard to believe but correct).

Some celebration after the last race (we hope so)

You can find all information on this website:


See you in Aarau!

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